A struggling chemistry teacher turns to a life of crime with the aim of providing for his family's future.


Breaking Bad TV series

Breaking Bad Story

The main plot line develops around school chemistry teacher Walter White, who finds out that he had cancer of the lungs. Given the difficult financial situation of the family, as well as prospects for (Walter's wife, Skyler, is pregnant with her second child, and my son ICP), Walter decides to engage in the manufacture of methamphetamine. For this he draws his former student Jesse Pinkman, once expelled from school, with the active assistance of the White. Pinkman himself engaged in the manufacture of methamphetamine, but the day before in a raid DEA and he lost his partner in crime lab. Walter takes its name Heisenberg, which he later would call his "trademark". Also in the series play an important role next of kin: Skyler - Walt's wife, Skyler's sister - Marie and her husband Hank. Hank is a DEA is the principal investigator on the "case of Walter" about the loss of inventory from the school chemistry classroom. Further investigation Hank directly associated with the effects of Wight, which makes the story even more tension.

Breaking Bad Actors and Characters

- Bryan Cranston - Walter White - the protagonist of the series, a chemist by profession , teaches chemistry at the secondary level . In the beginning of the series Whyte is 50 years old , and he was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer in the terminal stage . For the sake of ensuring the financial future of the family goes to the manufacture of methamphetamine and several murders.

- Anna Gunn - Skyler White - Walter's wife , a housewife , is pregnant with her second child (gender and whose name is revealed in the second and the seventh episode of the first season , respectively). Younger than her husband for more than 10 years.

- Aaron Paul - Jesse Pinkman - a former student of Walter , now a partner in the drug business . Solo lives in the house aunt died because of disagreements with their parents. Throughout the series goes through the stages of growing up, eventually becomes calculating and cold-blooded . Jesse extremely negative attitude to violence , especially murder.

- Jay Ar Mitt - Walter White , Jr. . - The son of Walter and Skyler , suffers from cerebral palsy , but otherwise ordinary teenager

- Dean Norris - Hank Schrader - an employee of the Office on Drugs and Walter's brother-in-law : married to the sister Skyler , Marie. Combines the rough manners and professionalism , and sometimes evinces a good knowledge of psychology in matters relating to the profession and family.

- Betsy Brandt - Marie Schrader - sister Skyler , Laboratory of X-rays . Straight and slightly peevish man trying to recover from kleptomania .

- Bob Odenkirk - Saul Goodman - real name McGill , attorney Walter and Jessie ( 8- series season 2 ) . It has a wealth of contacts in the criminal world . Helping in every possible way the main characters .

- Giancarlo Esposito - Gustavo " Gus " Fring - the owner of the diner networks Los Pollos Hermanos and methamphetamine labs . In fact, the employer Jesse and Walter . Has a long-standing feud with the cartel because of the murder of his best friend . Brutal, cold-blooded , intelligent and prudent person . Has a good reputation with the DEA and police.

- Jonathan Banks - Mike Ermantraut - a former police officer , the chief of the diner networks Los Pollos Hermanos, as well as the main trustee Gus Fring . Performs a lot of different work for the Fringe , from traveling money to murder enemies of Huss.